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Setting Your Rates As A Freelancer

October 13, 2020 Hannah Ellaham Episode 9
BYOBrand Podcast
Setting Your Rates As A Freelancer
Show Notes

In freelancing, quoting rates to relative strangers and committing to a self-assessed value is all in a day’s work. The money part can be intimidating. Quoting and setting your freelance rates is a delicate, balancing act that most people don't talk about.

Even when you’ve been at this for a hot minute, it still takes a certain amount of moxie to not only know your worth, but quote it to someone on the other side of a screen.

From pricing strategies and determining how much to charge to getting paid and quoting your worth, consider episode 9 a user-friendly walkthrough to pricing your services and making the money you're worth.

The BYOBrand Podcast is a Branding Podcast, started by me -Hannah Ellaham, someone who began down this journey as a freelancer. I help businesses take their brands to the next level and it just so happens, I have some solid insight on how to help freelancers get liftoff!

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