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The Future Is Sustainable With Olivia Pedersen

September 22, 2020 Hannah Ellaham Episode 6
BYOBrand Podcast
The Future Is Sustainable With Olivia Pedersen
Show Notes

It’s open-mic week on the BYOBrand Podcast, and I’m passing the torch to a badass business owner on an inspiring mission to bring the Circular Advantage to the masses.

Most of us can’t wake up and run a 10K. That’s not how habit adoption works. Enter Sustaio, a female-led tech start-up that knows the key to viable sustainability begins with small, daily steps to help reduce your consumption over time. Sustaio’s an intelligent ecological tracker that works for you, wherever you’re at in your journey. 

In this episode, we get to hang out with visionary and founder, Olivia Pedersen, for an insider’s look into what they're brewing up and how you can join #ThinkCircularMovement before its pending release. From the impetus propelling them to what to expect from the future, OP gets real, honest - and a lot of fun. 

Sustaio gives Sustainability gets a much-needed makeover, digitizing the effort so that it’s not only accessible but appeasing to anyone with a phone...essentially, the whole world. Tune-In and Turn-It Up to hear from real entrepreneurs making real change during a pivotal chapter in human history. 

#ThinkCircular and Be A Part Of The Movement
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