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Brand Voice - How-To Create One For Your Business

September 15, 2020 Hannah Ellaham Episode 3
BYOBrand Podcast
Brand Voice - How-To Create One For Your Business
Show Notes

Brand Voice is the single most important part of your Brand -and yet all too often, it takes a back seat to the visuals. Most people toss around their voice without a second thought, not realizing that they’re flinging around some seriously valuable real estate.

NIKE - JUST DO IT ← Three Words, Three Syllables, That Together Have Forever Changed Public Perception. Your customers may stop by because of your logo, but they will stick around because of your Brand Voice.

Averaging 7,000 + words a day,  humans do words all day, every day, and so does your business.

I could go on for days about what Brand Voice is - How To Do It - & Why It's Important...
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